Dear SICP Members, the study group of “Pediatric Endoscopic and Mini-invasive Surgery” was born at the initiative of some members.

I want to remember that the spirit of this group is born in accordance with articles 35, 36 and 37 of our statute and in particular the felt need for a greater exchange of experiences and to obtain a thorough knowledge of the problems that “Endoscopic and minimally invasive surgery “Entails, given its consolidated dissemination and technological development that in recent years has also strongly characterized our discipline. The Study Group will meet periodically, at the initiative of the Coordinator and at the meetings, whose calendar will be publicized through the Company’s website and with the E-mail, all Shareholders can participate, without the obligation to pay any fee.

It is obviously necessary for the growth of the group & nbsp; your direct participation and above all your contact to communicate promptly.

The suggestion of topics and topics will be much appreciated in such a way that these can be debated, treated in our meetings and gutted in every aspect from the physio-pathology to the technical notes.

From the real comparison within the group, guidelines can be promoted for the single pathologies that are increasingly becoming important not only from a scientific point of view but also from a legal point of view.

No less important is the scientific research that the Group intends to disseminate and develop, given the many multi-disciplinary aspects that this topic involves. With this spirit and renewed commitment, we address to all Members the invitation to participate.

From the statute of the Italian Society of Pediatric Surgery:

Article 28
The constitution of Specialist or Superspeciality Sections is allowed only in cases of specialty or superspecialty that have achieved complete autonomy in the university or hospital field, autonomy duly and formally recognized by law or regulations. Their constitution is decided by the General Assembly, after proposal of the Board of Directors or at least twenty members, by an absolute majority.

Article 29
The proposal for the establishment of Specialty Sections must respond to the objectives and specific technical and cultural requirements and to general interests of the Society of Pediatric Surgery and pursue the aim of an ever widening of the skills and activity of pediatric surgeons. The constitution and organization of decentralized Sections takes place on the initiative of individual Members and follows the model of the Special Section, subject to a proposal to the Board of Directors and approval by the Assembly.

Article 30
The organization of the Section is entrusted to a committee of five Members elected by the members of the Section, one of whom assumes the function of Coordinator by means of internal voting and one assumes the function of Secretary, upon delegation of the Coordinator. A special register will be kept of the activity of the Section.

Article 31
The registration to the Section is voluntary and takes place through an application to be sent to the Coordinator. The enrollment in the Section is also permitted to non-members of the Italian Society of Pediatric Surgery, however interested in the specialty. Non-members registered in the Sections are not eligible for any social office.

Article 32
Scientific meetings and initiatives of the Section can be organized by the Section Committee in order to encourage meetings between the experts of the specialty; this must give appropriate information to the Board of Directors, which must approve the initiative, and to all the members of the Company.